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Old Waterways of New Orleans: The Carondelet and New Basin Canals

Walking around New Orleans gives one ample opportunity to imagine, if they wish, numerous streets, parks, and courtyards as they were a century or more ago. When I am walking along Rampart Street, however, I find it nearly impossible to … Continue reading

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An Unwanted Monument: The Controversial Liberty Place Obelisk

Today I encountered a problem somewhat common to those writing history: just as I was finalizing my post on the historical memory of the Liberty Place monument in New Orleans, I found someone who had written a fairly similar post, … Continue reading

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Café des Exilés #1: Jean Joseph Amable Humbert

One aspect of New Orleans history that never ceases to attract my attention is the city’s nature for drawing in, and often celebrating, outsiders. Always a city of complexity and compromise, the dynamics at play in New Orleans have made … Continue reading

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A New Venture

The idea of starting a New Orleans history blog is one that, I admit, should have come to me sooner. After completing a Masters in U.S. Social and Cultural History, writing my thesis on the broad topic of cultural and … Continue reading

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